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Anne Montgomery, the Artist

The fact that Smithfield has a number of people who are keen enough to further their interest in art is encouraging, but so is the presence of others who have already gone through that stage and have established themselves as practising professionals. By that I mean they have actually reached the stage of finding a market for their pictures. Anne Montgomery’s interesting art goes back to her schooldays in England, encouraged by an aunt, a professional artist who gave her lessons which she found to be of greater help than the art school at which she studied. Encouraged by her mother, who had...Read more

As We Dames See It - Winter Musings

by Barbara von Ahlefeldt ~ Our Winter Weather. This week we're including a photograph of our surprise weekend of snow in the area which reached the top of our Smithfield mountain - we are in the foothills of the Drakensberg range after all. In the village itself we only had marvellous flurries of large non-settling snowflakes. It was exciting and lovely to watch and we revelled in the experience for at least ten minutes, taking photographs from every window. You must admit the weather this winter has been quite extraordinary. We started with several really warm periods that lulled us into a...Read more

Police Beat

The local SAPS social crime prevention unit in conjunction with Men for Change Smithfield recently made a presentation to the Smithfield community to remind men that as leaders and heads of families they had a responsibility towards society and their families. The meeting in Mofulatshepe addressed domestic violence and related crimes or abuse of women in a domestic relationship and its consequences. As in most instances, men were the perpetrators of such crimes a day was set aside to address the issue. Presentations were made to men equipping them for their role in society. Included were the...Read more

Juan Venter

Bestuur Van Ooie Tydens Laat Dragtigheid En Vroeë Laktasie Deur Juan Venter ~ NWKV-produksie adviseur, Middelburg, Ooskaap, Tel no 079 6931953 . Wol en vleis geproduseer per hektaar word as belangrike winsdrywer faktore binne wolskaapboerdery beskou. Verskeie strategieë en stelsels is beskikbaar om reproduksie van ooie te verhoog, maar die mate waarin dit gebruik word of toegepas word hang baie af van die bestuursvermoeë van die produsent en beskikbare infrastruktuur. Ongeag van die stelsels en infrastruktuur wat gebruik word sal die optimum potensiaal van ‘n ooi slegs behaal word indien die...Read more

They Love Their Art in Smithfield

Perhaps not surprisingly, bearing in mind the attractiveness of Smithfield and its surroundings, the subject of art has been a keen interest among a number of locals fortunate enough to have someone at hand to encourage them in their interest. Bets de Bruyn is that very person. The other day we called in on Bets on the farm just outside Smithfield where she lives to find a group of local ladies at work on their latest efforts on canvas and board. This is what they and other others do every week – and they love it. Hanlie Smith was busy putting the finishing touches to an interesting group...Read more

Small Wild Cat Mystery Solved

by Barbara von Ahlefeldt ~ The mystery of the small wild cat on our bedroom skylight windowsill, which I wrote about last week, is solved. My thanks to four sources so far (Zaza Pieterse, Trefor-John Bramley, Anja Louw and Anne Montgomery) who all recognised my description. It was not a Serval as I thought, which would have been far too large for such a confined adventure onto such a narrow space. Small-spotted Genet It was actually a very pretty Small-spotted Genet, which has similar markings to the Serval and also seems to have similar behavioural and diet patterns. They are found...Read more

‘n Terugslag

Smiffina, ‘n gereelde bydraer tot die SmiffieNews, bied ‘n vermaaklike stuk politieke satire aan. (Smiffina, a regular contributor to SmiffieNews, offers an amusing bit of political satire.) My party, die Tjoppitôf Party, het onlangs ‘n geweldige knou gekry – nie onoorkombaar nie – maar darem ‘n reuse optjopper. En dit nadat alles so voor die wind begin gaan het met die jong party, wat immers iets tot stand kon bring. Dis seker nie nodig om die partybeleid uit te spel nie. Snaaks dat juis die naam van die beleiduitvoerder van die party so veelseggend kon wees, nl Dr BirDizzo. ‘n Plaasjapie,...Read more

Locals’ Fascinating African Trek

What a great adventure! 12 platteland friends in their 4x4 vehicles. Three weeks through five African countries, spectacular countryside and a close-up view of the people living there. Having left Smithfield on 5 June, a now well-travelled group returned three weeks later, having covered 7,200 kilometres through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, camping all the way, which they claim provided the ideal learning experience about the people of these countries and their lives and problems they face. Maybe the most important thing about this often demanding journey is that when it...Read more

Wild Cat on a "Hot" Tin Roof

by Barbara von Ahlefeldt ~ The bird population in and around Smithfield is vast, with over 200 species for us to enjoy. We are a bird loving town and many of us feed the wild birds on a daily basis. We also love our cats. Our particular household has owned, seen and entertained many visiting cats. Our present three cats claimed us from goodness knows where, knowing of course that they would be spoilt forever. This, however, is a story about a cat we would rather not have entertained. Sudden Nocturnal Disturbance Our bedroom has high walls and right at the top has long narrow skylights with...Read more

Interview With A Relaxed Irene Swanepoel

By John von Ahlefeldt ~ Earlier today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Irene Swanepoel to talk about our recent Platteland Preview weekend which she had steered to success. The extraordinary thing about this lady is not how relaxed she is after leading the team that made such a success of the third annual Platteland Review, but how completely at her ease she was throughout the gruelling weeks and months (starting in March) of actually putting the show together. Pressed on this point her response is the extent to which the load was carried by the group of people working with her, from...Read more


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