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Another Three Platteland Preview Shows Tied Up

Platteland Preview 2016 comes closer to being a reality with the news that three more shows have been signed up for this hugely successful series of annual previews to the famous Grahamstown Festival. Following details of three shows we revealed last week , we can now add another three which have been confirmed: Ingrid … …Celebrates the life and work of acclaimed poet Ingrid Jonker. Described as mixed media theatre with image-driven scenes inspired by various Jonker texts, it is brought to life through mask work, puppetry and imagistic theatre techniques. A certain theatrical and poetic...Read more

The Preview 2016 Comes Together

The lively committee putting the Smithfield’s exciting annual Platteland Preview together, has tied up most of the acts to be performed in June ahead of the Grahamstown Festival. It is also hard at finalising all the peripheral details to ensure that this major project is even more successful than in the past few years. Preceding the show will be a cocktail party at the Red Barn celebrating the opening of another in the famously successful annual event. Born to Diva Opening proceedings at the Red Barn will be the widely acclaimed Tonya Koenderman, hailed by critics as “one of the hottest...Read more

Police Address Crime Through Imbizo

The Social Crime Prevention team of SAPS recently held a Mini-Imbizo at Greenfield in an effort to address social crimes that are increasing in the area. This comes after we received numerous complaints about people trespassing on some people’s properties and even knocking at the doors of those particular properties. We followed up the information and two young boys, aged 14 and 15 were taken in for questioning. They admitted that they had entered some of the properties mainly in town but vehemently denied that crime was their motive and they had never entered any house in Greenfield. After...Read more

Smithfield Has It’s Own Art Cafe

He is no newcomer to Smithfield but in his latest venture Francois du Plessis could be described as such because he has been living in neighbouring Bethulie for some time where he developed his food interests. The lanky food enthusiast worked with Greg May, of Lazy Likkewaan fame for some time at one stage of his career and it is to Greg’s food business that he has returned to as a partner. The two men, who share a passion for interesting food, have come up with what appears to be a great idea. They are converting Greg’s art gallery into the Lazy Likkewaan Art Café, and from our “preview” of...Read more

It’s That Ongoing Appeal

There is no denying that Smithfield’s continuing appeal is its ongoing ability to attract newcomers. Inevitably there is also an exodus of members of the local community, an example of which is Bets de Bruyn who we have reported as relocating to Natal, but year after year people are drawn to this attractive Platteland town (with its friendly village-like appeal), bringing with them, new ideas, new businesses, new blood. Among the latest arrivals are Gregg Bauer and Deon Victor, the new owners Bokmakierie Guesthouse , who arrived early in February from Johannesburg to start their new life in...Read more

"The Moth Snowstorm" by Michael McCarthy.

Reviewed by Anne Montgomery. Part of one review, quoted on the beautiful cover, says "A great rhapsodic, urgent book, full of joy, grief, rage and love, and it is hard to better this description. The author brings to life the sheer wonder of the natural world around us, telling how he fell in love with butterflies when very young, his solitary birdwatching expeditions as a teenager, to the salt flats and marshes of the great Dee estuary south of Birkenhead, and there is a haunting memoir, and tribute to his mother. The main thread of the book is his extensive knowledge, and fascination with,...Read more

Invitation from Smithfield Art Group

Last week we revealed the sad fact that Bets de Bruyn was about to leave Smithfield. Inevitably, this dynamic sculptor and artist will leave behind some unhappy folk who looked to her for guidance in their efforts to develop their innate artistic talents. An answer is at hand! This is how Bets has responded – and it could have very important repercussions. In her own words: One day while we were discussing my leaving the Free State, the idea of regularly meeting to paint was tossed around and got a positive response. I talked with a few people in both groups, here and in Bethulie, and all of...Read more

Bets! So Sorry You’re Leaving

Smithfield has been inclined towards the arts for many years. Nobody has done more for this cause than Bets de Bruyn . Sadly her eight-year stay in the Free State is about to end. She leaves next month to live with her daughter in Ballito, on the Natal north coast. Bets is a sculptor, but she is also an artist in the widest sense – and by her definition that means she is also a teacher; the inference being that the passing on of this specialised knowledge is an essential requirement of any artist. Her first move to the Free State was to Bethulie, simply because it was a small town where she...Read more

Blougroen-Alg vergiftiging

Alg vergiftiging is tot ʼn paar jaar gelede merendeels in Mpumalanga en die Vrystaat aangeteken. Dit is vir baie boere in die res van die land nog onbekend. Die giftige blougroen-alg (Microcystis aeruginosa) kom in baie damme en vleie oral in Suid Afrika voor. Vergiftiging kom voor wanneer toestande gunstig raak vir ʼn skielike opwelling in die groei van die alge. Stil, vlak water tesame met warm weer skep die ideale toestand vir so ʼn opwelling. Die alg vertoon dan as ʼn groen laag, amper soos groen verf, wat aan die wind-af kant op die water dryf. Wanneer dit vrek en verrot kry dit ʼn blou kleur...Read more

Police Beat

Polmed Health Days- Smithfield. About 100 members of Smithfield Cluster Stations attended the Polmed Health Week at Smithfield Town Hall over two days on the 14 and 15 March 2016. Polmed in partnership with Employee Health and Wellness Unit (EHW) of SAPS have organised health days to motivate members to take responsibility for their health and to meet all service providers on their doorstep. The services are free for all Polmed medical aid members and their dependants. Among the services rendered over the two days were testing of sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV Aids, cholesterol and...Read more


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