Last But Not Least

by Kitty Schneider ~

Everyone else had left town or gone back to their work, but on Monday 29 June, after the end of the Platteland Preview festival, the cast and crew of the play “Once Upon A Fire” still had some important work in Smithfield.

They put on a free performance of their show for the local children followed by a workshop. Many children were terrified as the play started, one child trying to jump over the seats to get to the back, and some even ran away out of the building!

But those who stayed were treated to a really fun morning, especially once the workshop got going.

Very shy and non participatory at first, the children soon lost their inhibitions and even the older ‘cool’ dudes (plus the gardener of the Red Barn property who just came to watch, and also some parents) couldn’t help joining in.

Once the "warm-up" exercises got going and they could make funny faces and lip wiggling sounds, they soon got into it and began to learn what acting is all about. The crew of “Once Upon A Fire” between them managed to teach ‘acting’ to the children in a mixture of English, Sesotho, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans.

The results were 2 mini-plays which the children finally acted out, on stage, with costumes, props, a narrative/words and even fancy lighting.

What a treat for them I'm sure, and for me especially, photographing them!

Thank you so much to the cast and crew of “Once Upon a Fire”: Briony Horwitz, Nkosinathi Gaar, David Matamela, Macmillan Mabaleka and Sandile Shabangu!!!

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