Record ticket sales for festival

Despite the unexpected and unseasonal (though always welcome) rain, Smithfield's Platteland Preview arts festival drew record audiences again this year.

Here are the statistics: In 2013 we sold 250 tickets of which 50 were sponsored. In 2014 we sold 600 tickets of which 100 were sponsored. This year, 2015, we sold 900 tickets of which 300 were sponsored.

That's 300 children who had never seen theatre before, getting to enjoy a show for the first time. Some of them had the extra fun of being able to see for themselves what goes into making a show. We thank all our sponsors, once again, for their help with our outreach programme. And as for the performers - you are real stars for giving our local children such a treat!


Seen above, committee members count the tickets - and the money - after the festival.

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