Local gallery hosts major exhibition over the festival

Both Koos Bronkhorst and Willem Pretorius are highly skilled, masters of brush, oil and canvas. The work they will bring to the Fresh Paint Gallery over the festival weekend shows off their skill,capturing light and image in a style that is uniquely theirs - stunning landscapes, moody skies, characteristic old houses and buildings, portraits.

Koos Bronkhorst hails from Pretoria and his style and work is reminiscent of the great classical masters, names like Turner, Rembrandt, Baines and de Jongh come easily to mind. He has exhibited and sold work both locally and internationally over a career spanning a few decades and his hands-on workshops for artists are highly sought-after events. Creating art is his life, his passion and his love and this comes through strongly in every piece that he paints.

Rosendal artist, Willem Pretorius, continues to grow in stature. He has held numerous solo exhibitions throughout South Africa and his gallery/studio has become a Rosendal landmark. Mood and lighting fascinate Willem and whether it be a landscape or portrait one can only marvel at the apparent ease with which he captures them in his paintings.

Also on display at Fresh Paint Gallery is an exhibition of pottery and ceramics by highly acclaimed Swellendam-based potters David Schlapobersky and Felicity Potter. Since 1973 David and Felicity have been working together in the tradition of high temperature, reduction fired pottery both stoneware and porcelain. Their love for what they do, their master- craftsmanship and talent, all clearly shine through in all the pieces that will be on display.

Local artists Lynden Lund and Mbali Mfundo will also be exhibiting at Fresh Paint Gallery. Both are highly talented painters: Lynden lives in Smithfield while Mbali comes from Rouxville, 37 km away. These two guys are definitely up there with the best of them and their work is well worth viewing.

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