Platteland Preview Workshop at Red Barn

by Thandi Novasi ~
13yr. old Student at Relebohile Secondary School, Smithfield.

After the really nice story dance show Once Upon a Fire, the actors - David, Sandile and Mike - asked us to stay for a workshop so that they could teach us how to act on a stage drama and how dance is involved in the drama.

There was quite a crowd of us and at first, as we gathered in the hall, they asked us to dance. They said it was the best warm-up to do before starting. After the warm-up they asked us questions based on the play. I found them easy because we had watched the play. After everyone had answered the questions we did more and more warm-ups.

I found the other warm-ups very interesting too. They were mouth and voice warm-ups. We were told that these warm-ups were to stretch your mouth muscles so that you do not get stuck when you are talking or presenting a speech.

After that we were asked to make or create our own drama and then present it to them. That was so that they could see if we understood them and to see whether we understood clearly what they had told us.

We created the drama and we used all the elements they told us to use. And it was really good fun. I really enjoyed it and I think the others did too. We hope we can be involved in other shows and workshops next year.

Thandi Novasi and her brother Thembi are seen in the photograph.

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